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I am always such a super sport when it comes to you classic rallies, polished chrome like, sexy around the bubble bee or hot with dual stripes I purr when I idle
You can compare me to the past, lost, classic destine to be remembered as someone who paved ways a little too fast for her own good, took turns and fishtailed laughing the whole way.
My interior, customized by the many that have lingered along the assembly line They love to get close to my trim
You never understood the blue book value of me you pawned me off  to others;
at times I was sure I’d rust away in green fields alone, like the Velveteen rabbit of grown men
Then, there were those who gave me hope once again, in restoration, polishing me gingerly relishing in my skin, dazzling in my reflection taking me as far as I could go but eventually leaving me in an empty concrete field next to foreign, younger and more efficient competition – it would take more than a man to love me
Set free only existing in memories, overpriced galleries and some suppe…