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Baby Daddy Comes to Missouri

Baby-Daddy Comes to Missouri
He arrived after midnight on a greyhound bus; There we were, Slyvie and me, waiting off Troost, among doo-rags, socks in sandals, sweat pants, junkie saliva, and a guitarist, hoping for a nickel.
When he got in my car, She asked him if he had anything.
He said he’d gone sober, except for the weed he pulled out of his pocket, smiling without front teeth.
All he wanted was to see his baby in a plastic pool she told me.
They made phone calls begging for money to be wired to the nearest Walmart with elaborate stories of starvation, child related emergencies and promises that of course, they would never pull such a scam on me.
They returned from garage sales with tennis rackets, potpourri, jewelry and bags of clothing, filling my house, where neither of them had right to own much of anything. 
He drank beers mid-morning, leaving cans on the coffee table, while they picked treasures around the block, throwing them into my foyer closet.
When all the wires ar…