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Expelled, feeling
scattered among the debris,
your arrogance waves in the breeze
a distinct fashion around your neck,
choking on sexy while you wander
and through 
as if direction was misguided
to meet you,
Swim the channels
while I am too drunk
to stalk old familiar,
I wonder if you know
the taste now, bitter
but similar?
Your memory lingers
without a home,
the water runs cold
until it boils, your skin burns 
rashes red and fleets jaundice,
after forced departure
I wonder, will you ever
migrate in my window again?
Sing like the bluebird you 
promised me every Christmas 
but drunkenly knocked off the branches
of the tree? Accidentally smashing 
the tiny bit of hope 
merely decorated 
for you and me.

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Wishes to Dreams

I waited for so long I forgot to walk.
I dreamed of you so many nights, the mornings were hung-over blue, and the night dragged stars against the sky like candles flickering my arms all wax, eyes closed, breathing out you, you, you 
And when you appeared it was such a far cry  I was so small in comparison, minimal to you and seen so very minuscule and you were wingspan stretched, untouchable and my hands trembled near
I cried the entire night it ended, wondering why you ever came here.
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