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Save, don’t save, cancel. What do you want from me now?
I hate this late night bullshit Where I stare at your pictures, constantly checking my phone in case you say something profound, more important, or even validate me and my drunken pride.  Moreover, I wish I had the strength to say fuck you, but I’ve had too many shots, too many weaving moments between lines, head out the window, to see in between, maybe I can go straight now, without you, what’s the point of being fucked up?
She threw dice, he laughed, no luck, hey ace?
You’ve left me to become a cocktail waitress at a convention hotel again, you were the one who said, can’t we just be friends?
I slip the napkin under
the glass, fuck you too.

Let me replace it

I’d take down the world for you lay down, stand up, scream, anything, for you.
You can’t bottle the shame, I can’t drink it either, but I’ll try just the same. I’ve forgotten who I am to be near you, to just hear your voice, I had nothing, I had no winning for losing, what kind of life is that, who gives a fuck about choice?
Tell me – who are you now? In love with someone else? Feeling oh so powerful, strong arm me, down to nothing… feel good now?
Do you ever see me in that lonely mirror? Do you ever feel my breasts on your back?  Arms around you?
Of course not, What kind of a fool was I?